Date light was automated and keepers left the station.

17 Lighthouse Stations In ME Hit By Economy Program

Eagle Bluff - Automation Items

Eagle Bluff - Automation Of Station

Eagle Bluff - Lack Of Submission For Discontinuance Of Keeper

Eagle Bluff - Recommendation For Automation

Great Duck Island - Automation

Great Duck Island - Machines Rule Where Minds & Muscles Toiled

Keweenaw Waterway Upper Entrance North Side - Proposed Automator

Los Angeles Harbor - Historic LA Lighthouse Converts To Solar Power

Matinicus Rock - Automated

Matinicus Rock - Automation

Matinicus Rock - Last of the Lighthouse Keepers

Matinicus Rock - The Lighthouse

Matinicus Rock - Two Articles

Oakland Harbor - After Automation

Perkins Island - Automating Station

Pond Island - Automation

Portage Lake - 1930 Replacement Tower

Portland Breakwater - Recommendation To Discontinue Keeper's Position

Prospect Harbor - Automated

Prospect Harbor - Plans For Automation

Prospect Harbor - Recommendation To Eliminate Keeper Position