U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office

The U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office, located in Washington, D.C., has collections relating to the history of the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Lighthouse Service, U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, and U.S. Life-Saving Service. See <uscg.mil/history> for more information. Items include photos, newspaper articles, and in some cases, correspondence. The majority of items are in the public domain and are unrestricted. Most of the light station images were scanned by Sandra Shanklin. The Society applauds her efforts to make these images available to the general public. We appreciate her contributing the scans to the Society. Note that the images included here are not the entire collection. Additional images may be available in the U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office files.

Absecon - Aerial View 1931

Absecon - Deteriorating Lighthouse 1945

Absecon - District Photo

Absecon - Historic Photo

Aerial Photo of Fort Point (TX) (Coast Guard)

Algoma Pierhead WI Early Photo 1947

Alligator Reef - Aerial

Alligator Reef - Aerial 2

Alligator Reef - Sea Level 1

Alligator Reef - Sea Level 2

Alpena MI Early Photo 1904

Ambrose Light

Ambrose Light - Delivery

Ambrose Light - Lighthouse & Helicopter

Ambrose Light To Replace Ambrose Lightship

Ambrose Passes Ambrose

Amelia Island - 1932

Amelia Island - 1932 small

Amelia Island - Aerial

Amelia Island - Aerial 1930

American Shoal - Aerial

American Shoal - Sea Level

Anclote - 1892

Anclote - 1913

Anclote - 1951

Anclote - 1966

Anclote Key

Annisquam Harbor 1914

Annisquam Harbor 1944 aerial view

Annisquam Harbor 1956 aerial view

Annisquam Harbor undated early view

Apalachicola Bay Range Rear

Assateague - 1925

Assateague - 1928

Assateague - 1961 Lighthouse

Assateague - 1962 Aerial

Aster WAGL 269

Avery Rock ME - 1892

Avery Rock ME - Sept. 15, 1892