Suffolk River Heritage Collection

Wolf Trap Caisson Plant Superstructure and elevation Plan 1893

Keeper letters (2)

William B. Shubrick, Chairman of LH Board Correspondence

1852 Letter re buoyage and lights on James River

Letterbook 274 RG 26 Box 172 entry 24

Wolf Trap Superstructure w details 1893

Letterbook 341 Box 176 entry 24 Deepwater Shoals

Nansemond River - Regarding Necessity for Proper Letter

Letter re James River lenses stored at Ft Monroe

Correspondence regarding establishment of the lighthouse

Letterbook 145 - Letters Received From District Engineers & Inspectors

Various Correspondence regarding several Lighthouses

Cornice details Deepwater Shoals VA

Letters 1852 to 1854 re James River Lighthouse locations, keepers

Letters relating to payment and appointment of keepers

Tower Plan: Jordan Point VA

Letters Received from District Engineers & Inspectors

Request to light 3/4ths of shoreline 1864

Cornice Details Deepwater Shoals

Civil War letters re status of JR lighthouses

Replacement of keepers

Letters from District Engineers

Ironwork Details Deepwater Shoals

Nansemond River LH - letterbook clipping file

Keeper Letters various topics 1904-1907

James River beacon lights stringer details 1853

Keeper Appointments For James River Region 1873

Plan Deepwater Shoals

Point of Shoal LH - letterbook clipping file

RG 26 Entry 20 P1660381 8.18.1853 re drawings of JR lighthouses

Various Correspondence

Letters from District Engineers and Inspectors

Dumb Beacon White Shoals VA

White Shoal LH - letterbook clipping file