National Archives

Primary depository for lighthouse records in the U.S.

1823 Letter Regarding the Okracoke Island Lighthouse

1824 Ocracoke Lighthouse Construction Contract

1830 Letter from the Collector's Office, District of Ocracoke

1830 Letter to Winslow Lewis, Oil Receipt for Ocracoke

1834 Letter from Morgan Regarding Ocracoke, NA RG 26 Entry 17C

1899 Letters to the District Engineer from Ocracoke Keeper

Abstracts of Bids for Brick for Cape Hatteras, Treasury Department, 1868-69

Annisquam - 1801 letter

Appointment of the Keeper at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, 1843

Assateague Technical Drawings-National Archives

Avery Rock ME - cessation 1874-75

Bakers Island correspondence 1798-1816

Bald Head 1793 Letter From Revenue Commissioner Coxe, Waltham MA

Bald Head Light Photos-National Archives

Bald Head Receipts, 1794 & 1801

Bear Island - Description of light station 1935

Bear Island - request for proposals 1839

Bells Rock VA - Clipping Files

Big Bay Point boathouse

Big Bay Point WWII photo

Bloody Point Range Descriptive Pamphlet

Bloody Point Range Drawings

Bluff Shoal Light Technical Drawings

Bodie Island 1944 photo

Bodie Island Site File

Bodie Island Technical Drawings-National Archives

Bolivar Point Clipping File

Boon Island - various correspondence 1811-1839

Bowlers Rock VA - Clipping Files

Brant Point - 1824 letter about condition of lighthouse

Brant Point correspondence 1812-1845

Burlington Breakwater lights correspondence 1879-1903

Burnt Coat Harbor - Shipwreck report 1872-1924

Cana Island 1940

Cape Charles Technical Drawings-National Archives

Cape Elizabeth lens and pedestal drawing 2