National Archives Clippings Files

These pdf and jpg files are scans of the "Lighthouse Clippings Files" found in National Archives Record Group 26, Entry 13 (NC-63). The Society has scanned the files for light stations, lightships, and lighthouse tenders. They include excerpts from the U.S. Light-House Board annual reports and other information collected by an early archivist. They provide a useful summary of what happened during the U.S. Light-House Board period between 1852 and 1911. The originals are housed in Washington, D.C. facility of the National Archives.

Bartletts Reef LIGHT LIST Illustrations

1st District Clippings File

1st District Discontinued Lights

1st District Fog Signals

1st District Lightning Conductors

1st District Oil Houses

1st District Surveys

2nd District Buoyage

2nd District Clippings

2nd District Fog Signals

2nd District Lightning Conductors

2nd District Machine & Lamp Shop

Abagadasset Point Range Clippings File

Abesecon 1950 Newspaper Clipping

Absecon Buoy Depot - Clippings File

Absecon Buoy Shed Clippings File

Absecon Clipping File

Absecon Illustrations from Light List

Absecum Sketch Showing Jetties and Change of Shore Lines

Admiralty Head - Clipping Files

Admiralty Head Light List Illustrations

Alcatraz - Clipping File

Alki Point - Clippings File

Alki Point - Clippings File

Alligator Reef - Clipping Files

Alligator River Clippings File

Alpena - Clippings File

Amelia Island - Clipping Files

Amelia Island North Range Front - Clippings File

Amelia Island Range - Clipping Files

American Shoal ca. 1900

American Shoal Clipping Files

Ames Ledge Clippings File

Amite River Clipping Files

Anacapa Island - Clipping File

Anclote Key - Clipping Files

Angel Island - Clipping Files

Anhapee Pierhead - Clipping File

Annapolis Depot Clippings File

Annisquam Harbor - Clippings File