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The bulk of the Record Group 26 collection of lighthouse drawings are housed in the Cartographic Branch in College Park, Maryland.  There are additional plans in the regional branches in Philadelphia, PA, and San Bruno, CA. The U.S. Lighthouse Society has scanned the plans of the main lighthouse collections that were duplicated in 42 notebooks as a finding aid for researchers. The College Park facility has additional plans from the various USCG Civil Engineering Units around the country in a collection called "U.S. Coast Guard Facilities." It includes plans created by the Lighthouse Service, Lifesaving Service, and Coast Guard.

1873 Chart of Mathias Bay

Abagadasset Point Range - map of site 1901

Annisquam - map of lighthouse reservation

Annisquam - map showing proposed temporary rights of way

Annisquam - plans for 1897 tower

Annisquam Harbor postcard- drawing of fog siren

Au Sable Point MI - Plan

Avery Rock / Egg Rock dwelling - second floor plan

Avery Rock / Egg Rock dwelling first floor plan

Avery Rock and Egg Rock ME - blueprint of dwelling

Avery Rock ME - 1875 blueprints

Avery Rock ME - blueprint of dwelling

Avery Rock ME - chart of Machias Bay showing location of lighthouse

Avery Rock ME - drawing of proposed lighthouse

Baker Island ME Plan

Bakers Island ME - 1900 map of lighthouse reservation

Bear Island - drawing for proposed extension of wharf 1887

Bear Island depot - plans for coal shed 1887

Bear Island depot - various drawings/plans 1886-1931

Bergen Point Nj - Plans

Bird Island - 1845 drawing showing improvements to island

Bird Island - cross section drawing of lighthouse

Bishop and Clerks plans 1 of 3

Bishop and Clerks plans 2 of 3

Bishop and Clerks plans 3 of 3

Bodie Island Location Map & Plot Plan

Bogue Banks Range Rear

Boon Island - "plan and profile" of island, 1850

Boon Island - drawing showing proposed improvements for boat railway

Boon Island - drawing, parts for lantern, c. 1854

Boon Island - plans for lighthouse and dwelling 1854

Bordentown Range Front