Letterbook 303 white shoal corr Dutch Gap light proposal 1870.pdf

1823 Letter Regarding the Okracoke Island Lighthouse

1830 Letter from the Collector's Office, District of Ocracoke

1830 Letter to Winslow Lewis, Oil Receipt for Ocracoke

1834 Letter from Morgan Regarding Ocracoke, NA RG 26 Entry 17C

1852 Letter re buoyage and lights on James River

1893 Worlds Fair Chicago Letters relative to Waackaack Lighthouse Tower

1899 Letters to the District Engineer from Ocracoke Keeper

Annisquam - April 22, 1805 letter

Annisquam correspondence 1800-1816

Armstrong, George - Letters

Avery Rock ME - Coast Guard correspondence 1946-1958

Bakers Island correspondence 1798-1816

Bald Head 1793 Letter From Revenue Commissioner Coxe, Waltham MA

Battery Point CA Letters

Billingsgate - August 14, 1822 letter

Biloxi - Reflection From The Lighthouse Secured

Bird Island 1819 correspondence

Boon Island - various correspondence 1811-1839

Boston Harbor MA - Proposed New Lantern Style George Bancroft 1839

Boston Harbor MA - Replacing I W P Lewis Reflectors and Lamps

Boston Harbor MA - Winslow Lewis First Optics Installation

Boston Harbor MA Winslow Lewis Letter 1849

Brant Point - 1824 letter about condition of lighthouse

Brant Point correspondence 1812-1845

Browns Head - 1960 work order concerning new electric service

Browns Head - order to automate/disestablish station

Buffalo - 1831 correspondence

Buffalo - 1839 Collector's Report

Buffalo - Early Superintendents' Correspondence

Buffalo - Instructions to District Engineer

Buffalo - Pleasonton Correspondence

Buffalo Breakwater - Committee on Lighting correspondence

Buffalo early correspondence - Winslow Lewis

Buffalo early correspondence 1818 - 1828

Bulls Bay SC - Letter 1894

Burlington Breakwater lights correspondence 1879-1903