Alki Point - Keeper Cleaning Lens

Port Clinton Pierhead - Replica Lens

3rd Order Lens

3rd Order Lens At Depot

3rd Order Lens At Depot

3rd Order Lens Ready For Shipment

6th Order With IOV

Admiralty Head - 4th Order Lens On Display

Admiralty Head - Makers Mark

Alcatraz - Lantern & DCB-224 Beacon

Alcatraz - Lantern & Fresnel Lens

Alcatraz - Main Optic Replacement (1 of 2)

Alcatraz - Main Optic Replacement (2 of 2)

Alcatraz - Standby Light

Alligator Reef - Perspective Drawing 19

Alligator Reef - Perspective Drawing 20

Alligator Reef - Revolving Apparatus for Lens

Amelia Island - Lantern

Amelia Island - Lantern IOV Details

Anacapa Island - Keepers Clean Lens

Au Sable Point - Looking Up In The Lens

Bald Head - Lewis Lamp

Bald Head - Notice To Mariners - Lewis Lamp

Barbers Point - Electrification Of Lens

Barnegat - Lens Makers Plate

Barnegat - Tube For Bullseye Lights

Battery Point - Lens On Display

Beavertail - Lit By Gas

Belle Isle - Exchanging Bulbs

Bellevue Range - Acetylene Installation 1911

Billingsport Range Front - Lens Details

Bois Blanc - Lens Removal

Boston - Cost For Light Apparatus From W. Lewis

Boston - Lens & Light Display

Boston - Lens Chariot Wheels

Boston - View Up Into Lens

Brandywine Shoal - Proposals For Lantern