Alexander Parris's Engineering Projects by Sara E. Wermiel

Anclote - Construction Notes

Anclote - Inside Cylinder and Stairs

Anclote - Light Station Under Construction

Anclote - List of Tools Used Erecting Tower

Anclote - Shipping List

Braddock Point NY Early Photo 1897

Hillsboro Inlet - Plate 1 - Tower and Lantern

Key West Range - Rear Range Construction

Martin Reef MI Early Photo While Under Construction 1926

Minneapolis Shoal MI Early Photo 1935

North Manitou Shoal MI Early Photo 1934

Old Mackinac Point MI Early Photo 1892

Oswego West Pierhead Under Construction 1934

Pacific Reef - Construction

Ponce Inlet - Annual Report Appendix - Working Platform

Ponce Inlet - Base of the Light House in Place

Ponce Inlet - Base of the Light House in Place (Opposite View)

Ponce Inlet - Construction Begins

Ponce Inlet - Kitchen and Quarters

Ponce Inlet - Light House Foundation

Ponce Inlet - Office and Quarters

Ponce Inlet 1887 Annual Report Appendix - Cement Tests

Port Clinton OH Construction Papers

Stannard Rock MI Early Drawing 1882

Tender Arbutus Under Construction

Thirty Mile Point Plans 1874

Wards Bank - Pilings Delivered

Wards Bank - Under Construction