1873 Chart of Mathias Bay

Assateague Lighthouse Sketch

Au Sable Point - Sketch Of Light house Site

Bakers Island - Drawing

Bald Head - Sketch of Tower

Bass Harbor Head - Sketch

Black Rock - Plan For A Beacon

Black Rock - Plan For A Wrought Iron Beacon

Block Island - Sketch

Boston - Sketch

Bristol Ferry - Sketch & Plans

Bristol Ferry - Sketch of Structure

Castle Hill - Sketch

Cedar Point - Lower Cedar Beacon

Chicago River - Sketch

Cleveland - Sketch

Conneaut Harbor West Breakwater - Damage Sketch

Cornfield Point - LV 51 Sketch

Deer Island - Showing Cracks in Cylinder

Deer Island - Sketch Showing Plans Of Proposed Protection

Detour Point - Outline Sketch Of Lantern

Detroit Depot - Sketch

Diamond Shoal - Sketch

Egmont - Sketch

Fort Gratiot - Namesake

Fort Wadsworth - Elevation & Overhead

Georgetown - Site Plan

Grays Reef - Sketch Of The New Lighthouse

Hedge Fence - LV 90 Sketch

Hells Gate - Sketch of Tower

Hells Gate - Sketch of Tower

Heron Neck - Sketch

Kalamazoo River - Sketch Of The Station

Lynn Harbor - Sketch For Lighted Beacon

Marshall Point - Paul Bradley Drawing

Matinicus Rock - Sketch

Matinicus Rock - sketch of west shore of island

Milwaukee Breakwater Old - Arrangement Of Installation Of Acetylene Plant

Milwaukee Breakwater Old - Sectional Elevation

Milwaukee North Pierhead - Sketch