Each lighthouse district had one or more depots. Depots were used for storing supplies and buoys. Lighthouse tenders generally transported supplies to lighthouses from a depot. 

Absecon Buoy Depot

Annapolis Depot

Barnegat Buoy Depot

Bear Island Depot

Black Rock Buoy Depot

Boston Depot (Castle Island)

Boston Depot (Gulf Island)

Boston Depot (Lovells Island)

Bristol Buoy Depot

Bristol Depot

Buffalo Depot

Castle Island Depot

Castle Pinckney Depot

Charleston Depot

Charlevoix Buoy Depot MI

Cheboygan Buoy Depot

Chelsea Depot

Chicago Depot

Chincoteague Depot

Choctaw Point Depot

Christiana Depot

Curtis Bay Depot

Detroit Depot

Edgemoor Depot

Egmont Key Depot

Fort Monroe Buoy Depot

Fort Norfolk Depot

Fort Pierce Depot

Fort San Jacinto Depot

Galveston Depot

Goat Island Depot RI

Great Egg Harbor Inlet Buoy Shed

Head of Passes Depot

Honolulu Depot

House Island Depot

Juniper Island Buoy Depot

Ketchikan Depot

Key West Depot