Deepwater Point Range Front

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US Lighthouse Society
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one mile below deep water point
39° 41.04'
75° 30.50'
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New Jersey
United States


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  1. Deepwater Point Range Front
Light list data courtesy Gary Riemenschneider


Year Discontinued:
Destroyed in 1956
Year Tower Established:
Tower Construction Material:
wood frame
Height of light above mean high water, in feet:
25 feet above water
Height, in feet, from base of structure to center of lantern:
25 feet
Tower Shape:
lantern on house
Tower Daymark:
Fog Signal Building?:
Keeper's Quarters?:
Year Keeper's Quarters:


Active Aid to Navigation?:
Original Optic Type:
4th order Fresnel
Year Original Lens Installed:
Private Aid:
USCG Access to Optics:


Historical Information

  • 1877: These ranges were lighted on the night of November 15, 1876. They mark the channel of the Delaware, where it passes Bulkhead Shoal, and it makes what has heretofore been one of the most difficult parts of the river easy of navigation. Both the lights of the Deepwater Point group are on an extensive area of reclaimed marsh, and are liable to overflow should any breach occur in the long bank, built at private expense, by which it is protected. Both sites should be protected by interior banks to keep them from overflow, should such a breach occur. The unexpended balance of the appropriation it is thought will be sufficient for this purpose, and it is proposed to have the banks built during the present season.
  • 1891: Deep Water Point Range (rear), below Deep-Water Point, Delaware River, New Jersey.—The frame barn was rebuilt and various repairs were made.
  • 1895: Deep Water Point range (front), Delaware River, New Jersey.— The characteristic of this light was changed at the end of October, 1894, from fixed white to fixed white during periods of 2 seconds, separated by eclipses of 1 second's duration. A survey was made of the right of way to the station, and it was found that it had become impassable and useless.
  • 1897: Deep Water Point Range (front), Delaware River, New Jersey.— The dwelling, including its small tower, was thoroughly repaired. A kitchen addition was built. The old shed was utilized as a temporary barn. A tank, and a drive well, force pump, and hose were added. Brick walks were relaid and extended. A temporary right of way to the main road was secured until a permanent right of way can be obtained.
  • 1899: Deep Water Point range (rear), Delaware River, New Jersey.— Designs and specifications were prepared, a contract made, and the work of erecting a kitchen addition and making repairs to the dwelling begun. A topographical survey of the station was made. 
  • 1900: Deep Water Point range (rear), Delaware River, New Jersey — The kitchen addition to the dwelling was completed, a side veranda with a walk extending to the tower was built. Various repairs were made.
  • 1901: Deep Water Point range (rear), Delaware River, New Jersey.— The station was repainted black, and two slatted frames added, one on each side, just underneath the lantern. The plotting of the station map was completed. Minor repairs were made.
  • 1909: Isolated fireproof oil houses were constructed under the appropriation “Oil houses for light-stations” at the following-named stations: Deep Water Point range front, N. J., Deep Water Point range rear, N. J.
  • 1952: Deepwater Range Lights discontinued after Delaware River Memorial Bridge was finished. Replacement range lights were built in the river, south of the bridge.
  • 1956: Deepwater Range Lights destroyed.

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Jan 15, 2018